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Ink Sans x Reader

Ink Sans x Reader

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Mishi the Misty Money By Mishiririka Updated Dec 28, 2016

You are (Y/n), a monster with incredible abilities. Once the barrier was broken, monsters were free to roam with humans. You were sometimes mistaken for a human beacause of your appearance, but you had monster blood. You were still concidered a monster. You decided to enroll in a school, since everybody was doing it. Your friends joined the same school, too. Well, there was only one school that accepted monsters.

flop101 flop101 Mar 21
Vincent: YoU cAn'T!!!!
                              Me: For once I agree with the purple grape! *in demonic voice* YOU BLOODY CAN'T!!!
Me:hm? Nice..
                              Oc) blossom:how did I get here..?
                              Me:*shrugs* idk 
                              Blossom:um ok then..
                              Me:It's fine you get used to the anti-void..
                              Blossom:a-anti void oh no I can't do th-
                              Me:get calm down everythings fine..
Uhhh..first off, I have black hair and bangs. Second, I'm more like a shy person not this..: WOW IM SASSY! LOOK AT MY..UHH SASSY SHOES AND CLOTHES! XD idk what I just typed. Third, I don't even like purple and those clothings are very..uhhh "sassy". Sorry I ain't hating your style..
*inhales* ........................................ YAAAASSS!!!!! 😆
No nekos are only half monster but mostly human since they lived in the surface before the barrier broke
I thought it said you held his crack and I immediately thought about drugs.... Lol