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Lisa By ExclusivelyLisa Updated Jan 26, 2016

Jane Reason needed help. Left emotionally humiliated by her boyfriend who decided that her best friend was better, a boss who gave her hell and then fired her, and a family that was too embarrassed to be seen with her she wanted to prove them wrong. 

James Livingston was failing. A renowned businessman that turned a small time investment firm into a multi-million dollar conglomerate, his family wanted a change. A bachelor that is forced to settle down, he couldn’t find the perfect girlfriend that could be his wife. 

“I have a proposition.” 

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”

“Marry me.”

“I think you’re crazy.”

“Marry me and I’ll pay off your debt. Marry me and I’ll make you one of the most sought out woman in the world. Marry me and your family will be begging to spend time with you. Marry me and I’ll change your life. So come on Jane, will you be my bride?”

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cmwinter62 cmwinter62 Nov 04, 2017
This story is very very good! I’m going to keep reading. Thanks!!
Whompingwillow23 Whompingwillow23 Apr 10, 2016
Ummmm why doesn't she just take out one item to get the price below the amount she has?
TaylorRoss115 TaylorRoss115 Mar 02, 2016
I like her. I have a friend who is a total bitch to everyone but me and a handful of others. I wouldn't swap her for the world.
Whompingwillow23 Whompingwillow23 Apr 10, 2016
Why is she placing most of the blame on Cecilia? "No morals?" What about George then?
MillyMoon38 MillyMoon38 Mar 30, 2016
Jane, YOU ARE FUCKIN' NOT PLAIN!!!!!  I don't understand ma self or woman most the time and I'm the OPPOSIT of plain. Ask any of my friends.
oktaza oktaza Apr 13, 2016
Just a plain jane u said? Really? For a girl with a manner like jane i'll call it super cool. Wow for the way she handled george and cecilia.