Young Justice one shots

Young Justice one shots

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Just one-shots of the team and reader. I will take requests. Please vote and comment ur opinions. 

Disclaimer: sadly I don't own anything

Stay whelmed

Me in a serious situation and I'm thinking of crazy, off-the-subject, thoughts... all the time
OMG this reminds me of something that happened on valentines day. A kid in our class got my friend a bear and chocolate and a card saying..... I like you hair
itz-Ellen itz-Ellen Apr 15
                              Magic of Elements;
                              About 3 feet long;
                              (Original) brown, (fire) red, (ice) pale blonde, (earth) darker brown, (wind) white;
                               (Original) Green; (fire) black, (ice) sky blue, (earth) bright green, (wind) completely white (the whole iris);
                              Black Canary;
                              Freeze [I know, Mr Freeze. I can't control it I'm soRRY]
                              Claws, and a staff.
                              Short af. Pixie cut.
                              Dark brown naturally, but dyed dark enough purple to look black in the right lighting.
                              Dark brown.
                              I dunno. *Insert OC mentor I don't feel like coming up w/ rn here*
                              Blur? I guess? That works.
XD I HAVE SOME SKILLS BRO!! And I already have my act together. If I met one of them after they saved me or something I would judo flip them if I could, but I can't *tear*
Piercthekat Piercthekat May 11
Name: Kate Lexiton
                              Weapon: She controls air and has telekinesis. Can fly, suffocate enemies, read thoughts, mess with people's psyche, shoot wind gusts, etc.
                              Hair color/length: Purple, Mid-back
                              Eye color: Grey
                              Mentor: Wonder-Woman
                              Superhero name: Aeromistress