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Escaping The Alpha

Escaping The Alpha

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Marilyn By ScreamSlek Updated Dec 29, 2014

I kept running, I didn't bother looking back to see if he had caught up to me but I knew he wasn't far behind. I knew sooner or later he would find me. It was just a matter of time, no matter how much I wanted to deny it I couldn't.  "Gaby! You can't run from me forever, your all MINE sweetheart!" he yelled out. David was persistant, he wouldn't give up trying to catch me.  All too soon a warm arm was wrapped around my waist as I was pushed roughly against a brick wall. Another body was pushed up against mine as he secured his grip on my waist holding me tightly. I knew it was him because the beat of my heart increased rapidly; a hard pounding on my chest. I was afraid to meet his eyes no doubt scared, so I closed my eyes.  He leaned down and placed kisses on my neck sending sparks of pleasure through me. A small moan escaped my lips as I felt him form a smirk against my skin. His other hand roamed down my body until his hand was on my butt giving it a tight squeeze. I loved this, I craved this, but I knew better than to cave in. I always dreamt of finding my mate, for him to love me and treat me right but I was too scared. I went through a lot in my life and I don't think I will be able to love again. I don't deserve any love, I don't deserve my mate, and most importantly I don't deserve a life of happiness.  Love has been cruel, it has made me believe that love doesn't exist. It can easily turn into hatered and betrayl. I'm just a broken girl, who's trust has been broken by many. I don't want to hurt no more, so why in the world would I want to love someone so deeply that can hurt me? I don't want him, I don't want more pain, but overall I don't want a mate.

Bretagne4598 Bretagne4598 Mar 13, 2016
That's so sad how could her father do that to his daughter. I love the story please update
1Dshipperfornutella 1Dshipperfornutella Sep 27, 2016
lol every year i try and read a straight boyxgirl book and this is the book for this year
taehyungsnugget taehyungsnugget Aug 30, 2015
in this economy from a 14 year old I would take that job if I was him because it's probably enough to support me and it's hard to get a good paying job
xXflying_monkeyXx xXflying_monkeyXx Aug 02, 2015
if she really had a brother who was a ceo, she wouldn't even have to work, cuz her family would be insanely rich...js
sleepy6438 sleepy6438 Jun 17, 2014
One of the characters is named David Brooks. I HAVE A FRIEND NAMED DAVID BROOKS!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO WEIRD!!!!!!!!!
Sixer09_shenna Sixer09_shenna Sep 01, 2013
What is the name of the boy in the cover of this story??? Please tell me..