Black Lotus

Black Lotus

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FIND ME By BlackCeramicDoll Completed

Her name was Oasis Kai Evans, and she was sick of being the oddball in life. She was that black girl who was always stuck in between. Oasis is always underappreciated and taken for granted. At school in the morning, nobody would want to talk to her. When it came to conversations, she'd always have to start them. When it came to music tastes, no one ever heard of the artists she was talking about. Worst of all, Oasis couldn't confide in anybody about anything, not even her own mother and father. So, she decided to go about finding what she wanted in her own way.

Somehow it worked out in her favor... She found exactly what she was looking for in the most unexpected person.

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ryn324 ryn324 Apr 21, 2017
I can always tell if I I'm gon like a book just by how it starts or if it's coming off to cliche . But I can tell this is going to be good .
PoeticAndNotSorry PoeticAndNotSorry Jun 21, 2017
When I write poetry I love to draw a picture with my imagination.
I looooooovvvveeee this chapter . Had to read like 3xs 💙 I'm really feeling it . What a way with words you have 💕
Wildmindxx Wildmindxx Jan 14, 2017
Thank you! You've explained it perfectly. Where has this book been? How did I not find this sooner???
kendrickslamar kendrickslamar Jun 09, 2016
You’re always coming up with some creative ass names for your characters. Put me on, yo.
Signed_DKeys Signed_DKeys Oct 05, 2016
It's been a minute since I read something that immediately grabbed my attention like this did. I like it so far. Great detail and visuals.