The Mafia Boss Wife Was Once A Mafia (Gruvia) Book 1&2(EDITING)

The Mafia Boss Wife Was Once A Mafia (Gruvia) Book 1&2(EDITING)

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Juvia married the mafia boss, unwillingly, Because she was forced to so they were like cats and dogs. But they fell in love with each other and an accident leads her to reveal her dark past's secrets to him. Would this dark past's secrets ruin them? Would he accept this?

(I don't own Fairytail. Hiro mashima does. Mine's just the storylines.)

(Warning: Contains mature themes. Not recommended to those people who are sensitive about the topic.)

(This is just a Fanfiction. Some details of the story might be far from reality.)

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Date started:

May 11, 2016

Date finished:

September 13, 2017

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IlluminatedWater IlluminatedWater Apr 18, 2017
This is funny because me and my friend were making fun of this because I was trying to act like Juvia and said Gay-sama instead of Gay-sama and we were laughing so hard
lunar1029 lunar1029 Aug 18, 2017
"Goes out to find a wife" fav line in the whole book😂😂
- - Jul 28, 2017
Gray - I'll protect her *threatens to kill Juvia multiple times*
RiciaIsWeirdXOX RiciaIsWeirdXOX Aug 14, 2017
Gray- I'll protect her 
                              Huh... Ya sure? Cuz u said You will kill her parents if she escape... I don't believe u Mr. Pervert
- - Jul 28, 2017
misscrescent3 misscrescent3 Jun 24, 2017
This is so OOC Lucy😂 but my rainy baby gotta smack her right back