Until I met him // Dante x reader  <completed> //sequel out December 1st\\

Until I met him // Dante x reader <completed> //sequel out December 1st\\

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Meredith Parton🌙 By merryisnotnormal Completed

You could've said y/n's life had well unfair to her.Always putting her in questionable situations and life threatening conditions.She had lost all hope that was of course until she met him.

(This book is very old,I've obviously got better at writing so i wouldn't use this book as a example of my work....also time moves really quick in this world !!???!)

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Brown and green. Yup I totally don't look like vylads fuckin' twin or somthin.... Lmao
Mom:go to school
                              Me:ok*gose to school and runs in 
                              To wall and blacks out*
                              Dr:miss come get your kid she knocked her self out by running in to a wall
Weird part is that I look EXACTLY like Vylad, except I'm a girl
I have brown blonde and a little black hair so I have all there hair and I have blue green eyes so all there eyes I really fit into this family
I have blonde hair and blue eyes, so I'm basically Garroth's twin.
LovelyzGang LovelyzGang Nov 15, 2016
Omg he is admirer 
                              What was that?-Unknown