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This is my life now Dante x reader

This is my life now Dante x reader

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Contagious Scare By Contagious_Scare Updated Jan 20

Y/n had a sad past.but what happens when she moves in with her bestie katelyn.will she find he brothers.will she she a have a second chane?

LovelyzGang LovelyzGang Nov 15, 2016
Omg he is admirer 
                              What was that?-Unknown 
zgarcia5 zgarcia5 Dec 02, 2016
I fell knocked out on the floor cause i hit the wall??? Good going Luna..... Oh and just like in my profile picture I have blue and purplr hair IRL XD Lol
It was probably the ground that I ran into. I'm always falling on meh face
dontkillDONUTS dontkillDONUTS Jul 25, 2016
I can already tell dis book is gonna be good :)
                              Just found this book!
TM_Runner TM_Runner Dec 27, 2016
So basically I have Vylad's hair and Garroth's eyes.... HOW THE HELL DO I LOOK DIFFERENT 😂
zgarcia5 zgarcia5 Dec 02, 2016
yea I would really love to see the Ro'meaves brothers as my Three brothers!!!!! EK!!!!!