Wings (Jacksepticeye X Reader)

Wings (Jacksepticeye X Reader)

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× hiatus × By supernatural_sean Updated Oct 31, 2016

I'm sleepless and tired, because of his screams that keep me up.

My clothes are damp and bloody, because of his blood and tears.

My heart is fragile and broken, because seeing him like this hurts me as much as him.

My hair is tangled with feathers, because he is winged with pain.

"I didn't ask for this.."

Female pronouns used.

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Its just the red bull, man. You gotta stop drinking that stuff.
Jack drank red bull 
                              This is it giving him wings.
                              Ehhehehehehhe I need help!
I can act like a bitch if I wanna....
                              Now stop talking or I'm not gonna be the only one waking up in a pile of blood.
babycelestialmon babycelestialmon Dec 28, 2016
That's a good joke.... going to a hospital..... that's hilarious......
babycelestialmon babycelestialmon Dec 28, 2016
*puts on doctor glasses* Hmm.... yes... it's seems that there are wings sprouting from your back, my good sir. Would you like some real medical health? Because I got my medical license from the back of a cereal box. *runs away*
babycelestialmon babycelestialmon Dec 28, 2016
Girl u be tripping that was amazballs. Better than me, thats for sure :3