Bodyguard (Chris Brown story)

Bodyguard (Chris Brown story)

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Kirya By Kirya_isawesome Updated May 03, 2015

(Carmen's P.O.V)

I was walking in my backyard admiring the big pool and the flower garden. I was walking in our flower maze we have. I love to admire all the flowers, my favorite is the lotus. I love the way it's pink and purple flow all into one. I also love how it can come into a nice bluish purple. I love how flowers can easily be broken off and flow in the wind. It's a beautiful thing. I wish I could be free like a flower. But instead I have to be trapped inside a house. Well I'm not literally trapped, but I guess you can say that. I can't really go anywhere. I have to stay home all the time. My dad thinks he's protecting his daughter. My dad's one the biggest most baddest leaders of the top gangs. I think he's crazy, I'm a girl I need some freedom.

I walk around the garden maze some more until I hear my mother calling me.

"CARMEN COME INSIDE NOW." She yelled. I admired the flowers one last time and quickly grabbed one and put it in my hair. It fit perfectly and looked nice to m...

girl you need to stop lying and I'm not trying to start nothing but them outfits not the deal
ChrisBrownXRoyaltyX ChrisBrownXRoyaltyX Jul 27, 2017
He's supposed to watch you what part of that do you not can't run off
niatooturntup niatooturntup Jun 17, 2016
This reminds me of that usher movie when he has to do the same thing just it was for the mafia
teambreezyMrsBrown05 teambreezyMrsBrown05 Jul 16, 2016
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas lean your ear this way don't you tell a single soul what I'm going to say
mxgrant mxgrant Apr 05, 2016
lmao let her ass get taken 1 time please please please lawrdt she would want him around all the time
niy143 niy143 Aug 03, 2015
i wassnt readdyyy i jumped up so high i hit my heat on my bunkbed lmfao