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I like you Shitnerd! (Bakugou Katsuki X Midoriya Izuki) One-Shots!

I like you Shitnerd! (Bakugou Katsuki X Midoriya Izuki) One-Shots!

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Sylvia Valencia By SylviaValencia Updated Nov 10, 2016

Hi readers! This is my first story in Wattpad :D *cheers* 

Wattpad now lacks Boku No Hero Academia stories so i thought why not?

This is about Bakugou Katsuki finally grows a pair (Katsuki: "HEY!") and asked his beloved Midoriya Izuku out before the others claim him

[May be written in many situations in the future]

(May wrote another story about Boku No Hero Academia MAYBE)

*Pic goes to artist
*Boku No Hero Academia is not mine
*Warning STRONG LANGUAGE because there's Bakugou there XD

I had to take a break when they said " Your my fated one " I think I broke my brother's eardrums.
                              ugh im sorry im on my period.......................why did i say that.........ehhh problably for an excuse..........then again im not lying........
_KawaiiDeku_ _KawaiiDeku_ Aug 30, 2016
Stupid? How? When? I may be fanboy, but I'm not stupid, jerk!
Otaku_Chu Otaku_Chu Sep 11, 2016
I was expecting lemons...
                              But oh wells either way it's a very nice one shot, they should make a doujinshi out of this😭😭😭💕
llama-bear llama-bear Oct 13, 2016
fangirls: parents and teachers that took this job to see the cute iii pair that they so seem to knew
AnimeFANsWorld6 AnimeFANsWorld6 Aug 28, 2016
Me: It UA, not Yuu- awh never mind, not like anyone cares, but please, oh Freckled Jesus-kun, let your KAWAII-NESS envelope these poor souls and let then embrace their sexuality
                              \(My best gay guy friend)/Jackie: That went from 0 to 100 real quickly