I like you Shitnerd! (Bakugou Katsuki X Midoriya Izuki) One-Shots!

I like you Shitnerd! (Bakugou Katsuki X Midoriya Izuki) One-Shots!

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Sylvia Valencia By SylviaValencia Updated Nov 10, 2016

Hi readers! This is my first story in Wattpad :D *cheers* 

Wattpad now lacks Boku No Hero Academia stories so i thought why not?

This is about Bakugou Katsuki finally grows a pair (Katsuki: "HEY!") and asked his beloved Midoriya Izuku out before the others claim him

[May be written in many situations in the future]

(May wrote another story about Boku No Hero Academia MAYBE)

*Pic goes to artist
*Boku No Hero Academia is not mine
*Warning STRONG LANGUAGE because there's Bakugou there XD

BlindSiren BlindSiren Aug 24
I feel ya Kachan.... I dont like 'feelings'. They are waaaaayy to complicated for my tiny lemon filled mind.
I had to take a break when they said " Your my fated one " I think I broke my brother's eardrums.
BlindSiren BlindSiren Aug 24
Yaaaaaaaassss *fangirl screams at the top of my lungs* HELLLLL YYEEEAAAAAHHHH
we are all blessed to have this precious cinnamon roll, Midoriya Izuku, in our lives
Deku is freaking adorably and if you say other wise FIGHT ME
                              ugh im sorry im on my period.......................why did i say that.........ehhh problably for an excuse..........then again im not lying........