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Five Nights At Office Antics

Five Nights At Office Antics

13.4K Reads 697 Votes 15 Part Story
Versixie By Versixie Updated Feb 16

For many years they've been all alone.

Pieces of metal.

Or are they something more?

The Office Antics channel does not belong to me, it belongs to its rightful owners, the Sky Media offices!

Tookawaii4utodeal Tookawaii4utodeal Dec 12, 2016
Of course if there's going to be a crazy person it's Tim Tam…
Child_of_Zeus147 Child_of_Zeus147 Dec 25, 2016
Oh no... I hope Tim isn't Phone Guy. I don't want him to die
xXJuliePGXx xXJuliePGXx Oct 27, 2016 #Remily 
                              I HOPE EM WOULDT DIE! And red of course DONT DIE ON MIIII
LilyWolf03 LilyWolf03 Feb 02
What of he no want a lady friend? Maybe he want a independent woman friend?
SkyeGalaxy SkyeGalaxy Feb 18
More like a man friend. .. OH WAIT BARNEY IS AN ANIMATRONIC... WELP... rip
McFluffel_ McFluffel_ Oct 20, 2016
That moment when your going to cry since YouTube Sensation Red Vacktor can't give me an autograph because he isn't from Australia 😭