From Assassin to Luna

From Assassin to Luna

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Arya By MateOfWerewolf Updated Jan 09, 2017

The circle of people surrounding me broke as people started to walk to the sides. It was the opportunity that I was waiting for, a hole it the barrier. I put my weight on my behind leg, ready to push myself forward and get myself out of here. But just as I was about to escape, a big shadow appeared closing the hole once again. 

'Hello beautiful..' There was a musky roundness to his words and his voice send shivers through my body. Wat the hell, Kate! I mentally slapped myself. Don't get a crush now! FOCUS! 
Man, I knew I shouldn't have taken this job....


Kate is just your average normal girl. She is 20 years old, lives in a small apartment in a small town near the woods and eats a lot of junk food. However Kate has a little secret. Her job isn't something normal people do. She is an assassin. She lost her parents when she was little and was put in the foster system. That's where Robin found her. Robin raised her to become an assassin. A fearless machine just like himself. When she gets a new job, killing some cultleader in Alaska, she doesn't really think any of it, accepts the money and hops on the first plane to Alaska. Not knowing that this job is going to change her life forever. 

Jaxton is the Alpha of the Midnight Fury Pack in Alaska. They are the biggest pack in the world and therefore have many enemies. Jaxton is 25 but hasn't found his mate yet. Although normally werewolves find their mates around 21, he has been without one for many years. Being Alpha of the Midnight Fury Pack has hardened Jaxton. Making him seem without compassion or mercy. He is feared in the entire werewolf world. But what will happen when a hot-tempered girl suddenly enters his life, not knowing who he is and not fearing him even the tiniest bit.

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PhoenixFeather2003 PhoenixFeather2003 Oct 30, 2017
I could be hot but I will still turn the heater on, even if I'm boiling, cause I love the warmth. Lolz. Then, I'd step out my room and relish in the cool air before returning to my sauna-like room. 😂😘
livelifelovingly livelifelovingly Apr 19, 2017
I love the cold and my friends call me their personal furnace bc when they hug me they get really warm and now when their cold they come hug me for warmth but I don't get warm in return it sucks
flufflypillows flufflypillows Aug 02, 2017
Girl! Stab himmmmmmm!😠😠 (ik tht guy is her mate..but honestly, I don't care)