Jacksepticeye Imagines

Jacksepticeye Imagines

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glendo By Pakapanda Updated Oct 02

Imagines, oneshots and short stories of Jacksepticeye!

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(I'm not the best writer, sorry if I make any mistakes here and there :P)

Okay even if it is not cringy I cring at the sight of love. #foveveralone
I have an idea. Y not do an imagine where (y/n) is swapping places with jack and he's a fanboy but somehow one day he bumps into me and then the whole story is switched around so basically jack is a small youtuber (y/n) is S big youtuber!!!
I love popcorn but I REALLY love caramel corn too bad I have to get braces soon
Hey don't worry it wasn't cringey and if it was pewds will put it in a cringe compilation
I have a friend named kaola and when I'm mad at him that's what I call him
I thought it was Your Name but no it's about yourself thought it was supposed to say you went to go see favorite movie