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ƎMMA  H・F  ØBRIEN By superman1011 Completed

Stiles is no longer- 
      or defenseless; 
      in fact, he's been neither of the above for a very long time.
      Stiles has had enough, sick of hiding his true identity- so when his supposed pack make a decision to kick, 'weak, defenseless Stiles,' from their pack; Stiles decides it is time to return to his O R I G I N A L ways. 

Or so he tries, it seems that not only does bad luck follow the pack, it also follows Gemin Mikaelson, Original Ripper with a twist. 

I have borrowed the ideas of author, @-captivity and followed some of the plot in her novel, The Orginal Ripper; I suggest that you should also go read her amazing book as that is where the orginaility of this novel is based.

Based around Season 3B of Teen Wolf, with Stiles becoming the Nogitsune, it also includes (not in chronological order) episodes from Supernatural, The Originals, and The Vampire Diaries and said characters.

I'm confused where it says I turned the bird flying over my shoulder what does that mean
I low-key ship these guys too.... like so low-key  // don't note the sarcasm
The way you write is awesome! Teach me your ways of writing master Jedi.
notkarlie notkarlie Jul 15
Stiles turns around and his teeth start to show
                              "Suffer?" Scott asks
                              Stiles turns his head showing off his teeth. "Yes suffer" he licks his fang and uses his speed to get the fûck out of there
This sounds almost like a poem it's so magnificently written
Katherine are you okay??? Cause last I thought you hated her