The Unloved One *Vampire Knight & Diabolik Lovers*

The Unloved One *Vampire Knight & Diabolik Lovers*

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Fostmarie Namelo By MurfNameli Updated Sep 23

Momiji Kuran abused by her Family, but was loved by her twin sister. She couldn't take the pain so she ran away no longer couldn't take it anymore even if it meant having to hurt her sister. She was suddenly found by a man and taken into his family but once again was bestrayed. So she ran away again and no longer trust anyone except her friends that ran away with her. As soon as she was about to become sixteen, she had to go to Cross Academy.

What if she sees her old families again. Will she go back to them or despise them. Will she finally fall in love?

Yuki is still a vampire and Zero hates her. Sorry Yuki X Zero fans. Yuki never had been turned into a human and her parents are still alive.

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lullaby234 lullaby234 Apr 09
Where have I heard that name before?
                              Oh! I got it! Nickelodeon!
foreverotaku11 foreverotaku11 Oct 24, 2016
Unknown..... Now every time I heard or read the word unknown I tend to associate it with mystic messenger ^_^;
freelittlegirl freelittlegirl Dec 30, 2016
Man I love yuki in vampire knight but if I was yuki I would say yes I ask her to play with me and it not fair you treating her wrong just because of her eyes put some contact in her eyes brown or something jezz
I'm confused like wtf ariana?? I just want to be a vampire not a pop queen
Kagome from Inuyasha! Do the others know? *wiggles eyebrows*
JDs-Partner-in-Crime JDs-Partner-in-Crime Dec 05, 2016
Was anybody else bothered by this comment "like you coming inside me"