Give me Love >> Tome I

Give me Love >> Tome I

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Dean Winchester By narryslutzx Completed

A drunken mistake... that's what it was.
But in the end, is it really a mistake, or was it all worth it ?



watertail11 watertail11 Jan 29
If you say bip bip bip it sounds like a British alarm clock lol
alliwantislou1 alliwantislou1 Jan 29, 2016
I like that Niall's a jock. Gives it diversity, not like any of the other stories I've read, where Niall is sweet and innocent. it's good!
Lol, Niall? A bully? Pfft, please. He'll hit you with a car, push you down a bridge,   hit you with a broom, or maybe even kiss your girlfriend...... And still apologize
LarryEqualsTrueLove LarryEqualsTrueLove Apr 09, 2015
Hate Liam already !! Wow did I really day that ?? Yeah :( anyway he's a horrible "friend" to H BC he knows  about the bullying  and is still friends with them ..
kittystylinson_ kittystylinson_ Mar 24, 2015
he's a building but so sweet to invite him. niall is back as captain
TrencherBVBArmy TrencherBVBArmy Nov 07, 2013
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