The Alphas Crazy Panther Mate

The Alphas Crazy Panther Mate

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The Alphas Crazy Panther Mate.    

Aubree is the alphas daughter, her pack is located in the Alaskan mountains. There pack, the snow pack is very rare because they are panthers shifters.    Panthers still have mates but panthers are rare. Aubree is a white mountain panther which are very rare. She is very rare.  

Shen he finds his mate and she is a feisty, strong, hard headed....panther?   

 Josh is the alphas son, he is so not full of him self, he waited for his mate, that he desperately wants to find.  

 But when he finds her he is the exact opposite of her? 

What will he do to tame his panther mate?

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Oh, he’ll see soon enough about Cat thing. Well technically panthers are related to cats they are just bigger than an average cat
Is no one going to say how on earth does she have sun kissed skin. Or is it only me
TomBot2000 TomBot2000 Nov 13
That's like asking a teen to not use their phones for a lifetime
It would be nice if the spelling was better. Too bad the author prob isn't going to edit it
Katelynne77 Katelynne77 Sep 01
I thought it said all my dads and I had to rethink everything
I don't like cocky bitches who think they badass but get their ass kicked with a flick of a wrist