If It's Easy.

If It's Easy.

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Brittney W. S By Brit808 Updated Nov 20

"If it's easy, it ain't love." 

It wasn't her expectation to fall for one of her cousin's friends. At Andre's house Licia met an anomaly of a person. 

Things happened unexpectedly for the both of them. He was trying to get a career started and she was trying to figure things out.

There was no way she could've known that one of her cousin's weird band mates would become such an integral part of her life...

He was a quiet kid, just about to graduate from high school. His parents didn't want him so he was forced to live with  friends. Talent was his only way out.

Nothing Comes Easy.

Pronounced: (LEE°CEE°A)

Tamala Jones as Licia Hall
Prince R. Nelson as himself
Andre Anderson as Andre Anderson/Cymone


I started writing this a couple of days after Prince shockingly passed away. It's been deeply therapeutic for me and hopefully it is for you to.

2016 ©Britt808

This is a pretty cool story .. and I like Tamala Jones .. I'm adding to my library 😄
He's with someone else, isn't he? 😒 (Great story btw! 💜)
That's what wanda get lol ... I hope he didn't though .. he seem sweet .. I like how licia act fa him already ..
Aww an attitude at this age 
                              I'm crazy but I think it's kinda cute
Brit808 Brit808 May 22
Let me know what you guys think so I can know whether or not to keep updating regularly.
Did he just .. lol .. bye. . He just have her the shoulder ..