The Werewolves of Malbork

The Werewolves of Malbork

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Amber Nicole By AmberNicolee Updated Dec 27, 2011

Sebastian Duncan von Kannon is one of the closest definitions to ‘perfect’ that you’ll find. He’s got a beautifully flawless face, charming yellow eyes, lush lashes, an athletic body, and he’s 6 foot 3. The boy’s incredibly cunning, very strong, horribly intellectual, honest and true, sweet and sincere - everything. He’s practically perfect! One thing that many dub him as ‘imperfect’ is the fact that he’s a wereperson, or more so a werewolf in human form. For now.

Sebastian's father, Michael Alexander von Kannon, was his pack's leader, until he recently lost his life due to dark happenings; the pack's beta, Enrico Storm von Drachenburg, is mortally wounded and cannot carry on Michael Alexander von Kannon's duties. Young Sebastian, merely 15 years of age, must carry on what his father began.

While attending Malbork Academy for Creatures of the Night, Bas (pronounced Baz) can't do all that much for his pack. He visits Enrico daily, only to see that his contidion is only getting worse. Bas is terrified that soon, he won't have anyone to help him; anyone with knowledge. Not until his headmaster at Malbork has a talk with Bas, and tell's him that he'll need to choose a beta (second-in-command) for his pack. But the catch? Bas only has two choices: his 9 year old brother, or young Lily Alexandra von Drachenburg, Enrico's 15 year old daughter. 

Bas doesn't know what to do. Landon Blake, his younger brother, isn't fit for the job. In fact, Landon Blake still attends school with human children, and has no idea about the order of the pack, the council, or Malbork Academy itself. So it seems that it's inevitable; Bas has to tell Lily that she must be the pack beta. One problem? It the 4 years that Bas and Lily have attended Malbork, they've never crossed paths before.