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Larroth/Garrence (Discontinued)

Larroth/Garrence (Discontinued)

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SPELL ICUP NIGGA By GirlChaos03 Updated Nov 02, 2016

Although I'm leaving the Aphmau fandom due to Jason tweeting that Garrence is disgusting, inappropriate, and will never happen, I'm still gonna leave this book up.. I guess.. :T  

‭(Garrence was the only reason I stayed with Aphmau through the cringe of Mystreet and MCD. Sorry about this)

kagehinaOTP kagehinaOTP Nov 28, 2016
It not pale. He's just made up if snow 😂 with a hint of yellow
_Saiclone_ _Saiclone_ Oct 07, 2016
*reads that Naruto is on*
                              *Looks over to see the Naruto DVDs next to me*
                              You knew.... ILLUMINATI!!!
Because it's GARROTH and Garroth seems to have had one of his infamous moments of Garroth.
Taggin-random-peepz Taggin-random-peepz Nov 14, 2016
I bet you wouldn't like it if his voice was damned garroth would you
Sadly, @GirlChaos03 i will no longer be one of your followers due to you leaving the Aphmau famdom. I really enjoyed your Garrance fanfictions. I will visit your account from time to time. keep up with the great stories!
Very creative names bud 😂 NO NO IM NOT TRYING TO HATE LOVE THE STORY!! 😀❤