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✘ hiding away · larkle ✘

✘ hiding away · larkle ✘

6.6K Reads 316 Votes 9 Part Story
;-; By Dalmatian_lions220 Completed

When Farkle Minkus gets shot with a love for Lucas Friar, he doesn't know how to tell anyone. He doesn't know if Lucas feels the same way. And when he realizes the choice he made, he immediately regrets it and is now finding away to end his life. But what he doesn't realize is that his so called "Perfect Angel" has problems himself.

· cover by @-Legacy ;-;-; ·

Danjuo Danjuo 5 days ago
Lucas: Whoops, silly auto correct
                              Farkle: This is a verbal conversation.
                              Lucus: sShhh
Lucas you forgot to capitalize the I while you were speaking. Are you drunk?
"I drowned your best friends fish" 
                              "But, your my best friend?" questioned Lucas.
                              "Oh crap,  I'm sorry Gilligan. Now you'll never be stranded in that island" cried Farkle.
Hahahhahahaha "a squirl reciting the into to the bee movie." God Lucas how stupid can you bee? <See what I did there? Get it? I said bee instead of be and I was talking about the bee movie. Okay I'll leave now and go in the trash where I beelong.
Danjuo Danjuo Jul 18, 2016
I didnt even know this ship existed untill I was looking through my updates and was like "Oh...My....Llama"
ShyGurl_2001 ShyGurl_2001 Jun 08, 2016
Aww... This chapter was so cute! Update when you can! It is an amazing story so far!