If Only Yesterday

If Only Yesterday

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"Ate Brie, I'm so hungry na!" a little girl said while tugging her sister's shirt.

Brianna looked at her and smiled. "Baby? We have to wait for mommy and tito diba? You know what pag uwi nila maraming foods yun!" she said and carried her baby sister.

The little girl smiled at her sister widely. "Really? Maraming foods? And I could eat all of them?" she asked sweetly.

Napatawa naman si Brianna dahil ang cute niya, she even pinched her nose. "Ikaw talaga baby girl, kaya ka tumataba eh!" she said and laughed.

She was about to speak when the door open revealing Lea me their Tito Rob. "Hi babies!" He said and showed the foods. "Aubrey, look baby we have a lot of foods for you" napangiti naman siya ng malaki.

"Wow! Thank you so much Tito Rob!" Aubrey said and kissed his cheek.

"Ikaw talaga hon! Lagi mong iniispoiled yang batang yan! Where's my kiss girls?" Lea asked and laughed at them.

"Hi mom! How was your date?" Brianna asked her mom while smiling.

Lea rolled her eyes. "It...

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