Bad Boys (Kaisoo Fanfic)

Bad Boys (Kaisoo Fanfic)

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"Our sons will get along so well!!" 

Maybe a little to well. Kyungsoo and Jongins moms are the the Bested friends in the world. They want their sons to meet each other and bond! They lock them in a room and things got spicy maybe a little to spicy. Basically they started having a thing with each other and are afraid to tell there Moms. They sneak out every night so they can Fuck each other. They are such Bad Boys! 

*warning* there is A LOT of sexual contact/smut if that's not your thing then I suggest you don't read at all..

He sure did Jongin, now there's no way he's gonna Jongout😏................
                              I'm sorry
                              *crawls back trash bin and hops in*
you jnow you're trash when u read that : take your clothes off here! 
                              Plz tell me i'm not tye only one
We've all sinned. We sin everyday. In my case, I sin about 284,291,028,203,021,894,918,938,010,719,018,023,938 times a day, but, you know
"Just let me ask u man .. are you gay?"
                              *husky deep voice* "Noo ... but if yiu were the last man in earth eheeh " *sehun creepy face" 
                              I LOVE EXOSEXO VINES
ssavagesuga ssavagesuga Aug 24
go ahead sin, I've probably sinned much more than you😂😂
notpurest_ notpurest_ Jun 19
Y'all are saying that he's cute and innocent meanwhile I'm getting creeped out by the fact that he's staring at Kai with that.. face..