Bad Boys (Kaisoo Fanfic)

Bad Boys (Kaisoo Fanfic)

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Fanfic paradise By Lezorro8 Completed

"Our sons will get along so well!!" 

Maybe a little to well. Kyungsoo and Jongins moms are the the Bested friends in the world. They want their sons to meet each other and bond! They lock them in a room and things got spicy maybe a little to spicy. Basically they started having a thing with each other and are afraid to tell there Moms. They sneak out every night so they can Fuck each other. They are such Bad Boys! 

*warning* there is A LOT of sexual contact/smut if that's not your thing then I suggest you don't read at all..

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love_my_kookie love_my_kookie Nov 09, 2017
Oh god, what an era, mums are more innocent than their children, if only you two knew your dirty minded boys are doing
Anonymous9205 Anonymous9205 Nov 09, 2017
They also lost their virginity!! Your son Jongin wrecked kyungsoo's bootay! And they also made a baby and became boyfriends !!
13_Sins 13_Sins Dec 09, 2017
                              OH MAH GOD
                              IM STILL NOT READY
                              I DID NOT GET MY POPCORN
                              NOR DID I HAVE TIME TO GRAB MY 3D GLASSES
careforwangpuppy careforwangpuppy Dec 14, 2017
Hfcjgcuchvjcufts stdugcivvydsq wf 😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖
-junghyunie -junghyunie Oct 29, 2017
Everytime i go to my neighbour's house my mom sometimes yelled at me and make me feel slapping her after we go back cause she is screaming infront of my neighbor's fuckng son
13_Sins 13_Sins Dec 09, 2017
*gets hit straight in the face with smut*
                              I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT TO HAPPEN SO DAMN QUICK
                              I DONT KNOW IF I'LL EVER RECOVER 
                              CYA GUYS IN HELL