Bad Boys (Kaisoo Fanfic)

Bad Boys (Kaisoo Fanfic)

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"Our sons will get along so well!!" 

Maybe a little to well. Kyungsoo and Jongins moms are the the Bested friends in the world. They want their sons to meet each other and bond! They lock them in a room and things got spicy maybe a little to spicy. Basically they started having a thing with each other and are afraid to tell there Moms. They sneak out every night so they can Fuck each other. They are such Bad Boys! 

*warning* there is A LOT of sexual contact/smut if that's not your thing then I suggest you don't read at all..

Not really, in Korea a ton of guys hold hands down the street.
LeeChan30 LeeChan30 May 25
Shower scene is hot..  Wanna read something like that.. I like the story same goes with the authornim.  <3
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your stories are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!