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Phobia .::OHSHC::.

Phobia .::OHSHC::.

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2% milk By Ninjasauras Updated Mar 25, 2015

Aisling Ennata Nakamura, like most girls at 'that age' is shy and awkward around new people. So the Host club is probably the worst group of people she could become friends with when she first transfers to Ouran Academy! Under some mysterious circumstances, she had to leave her old school- and being seperated from her brother Ascelin was not something she enjoyed. He had always been there for her since birth, an important figure due to the constant absence of her parents. Unfortunately, it seems that losing her brother is the only way for her to truly bloom...

Follow Aisling through her story, containing twists of romance, angst, and the hijinks of a pair of ginger imps!

- - Mar 15, 2016
honestly if that was me I would just say "im gay" and finish my cake
IsabellaAngelus IsabellaAngelus Jun 23, 2016
Nyan Nyan! Nyan Nyan! Ni hao Nyan! Gojasu, Derishasu Dekaruchaa~!
HeadphoneActor1 HeadphoneActor1 Oct 03, 2016
Ohayo Gozaimasu would be better since it's a formal greeting but it's fine! Great story by the way!
Panda_chan100 Panda_chan100 Sep 05, 2016
I would punch tamaki any day just for the heck of it 
                              I'm so nice
Kekkei_Genkai42 Kekkei_Genkai42 Jan 07, 2016
This is yet ANOTHER one of your books that I've read. I really really like it so far!! Most OHSHC fanfics are weird. Not this one! :P I'm rambling, aren't I? Anyways, I can't wait to read on!! :D
villain-in-training villain-in-training Jul 26, 2015
Thats me, whenever I get pissed at something I pull up my hood and turn up the volume of my music