It's Not Over (Bellarke) -EDITING-

It's Not Over (Bellarke) -EDITING-

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JustMattie By mattiesworld Updated Aug 20

"I know we can fix this," she whispered back, nodding her head, and smiling her sad smile. Even though she smiled, she still appeared as if she was about to break in two. Bellamy could practically feel the weight of her sadness, and it was heavy. 

"You're not going to run off and leave me this time, are you?" Bellamy said lightly, only partially joking. 

"No. I promise," she said, turning to fully face him. "Now what?"

*This fan fiction begins at the end of season three.

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catwing456 catwing456 Mar 17
I like wick and Raven but if you like Raven and jasper I'm fine with that to
Bellarke82 Bellarke82 Aug 01
If there wasn't a reason to come back Clarke would have left again 😱😱😱 
                              Thank you radiation 😊🙏🏻
aheiding3 aheiding3 May 29
I love this gif, it's like they both know that what to do and are looking if the other knows too
Omg I'm so happy I could find this on wattpad ..... I watch this so much on Netflix
IamMaaike IamMaaike Mar 23
I don't like that. Sorryyy, but I just don't really see them together. They don't really have anything in common
Noooooooooo no Jasper wouldn't make a move on raven, not after Maia. And yes, bring back Octavia, I need a Clarke and Octavia gossip session