Figure Eights (Lesbian Story)

Figure Eights (Lesbian Story)

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╰kamaria╮  By kamtheweirdo Completed

Sequel to Circles ♡.


"How could you even say anything like that?!" She paused to pick up a book and chucked it at my head.

"Shit, girl, chill!" I bark as I successfully dodged the book and back up. 

"No!" A random pillow comes flying my way and I quickly duck my head, "Don't tell me to chill! You knew you had this coming!" Two more books come hurdling towards me.

This girl is really fucking tripping.

{completed and undergoing editing}

Jocy93 Jocy93 Sep 25
See....i wouldn't be able to help her for too long the way she acting
HazyKid HazyKid Aug 11
see, i thought I told ya before. I got 9 different bae's and you just keep tryna add more. sigh.
mochapoett mochapoett Jun 24
She could've gave it away 😢 I would've taken the baby with no problem shitttt that almost happen to me with my friend
mxra__ mxra__ Jul 22
I Wonder What The Baby Would Of Looked Like 😩 Probably Cute Asf Because Of Jas 😍
Well damn she done ran away from everything and everyone. This is a great way to start this book.