Yoru | Inugami x reader

Yoru | Inugami x reader

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犬神- evil dog spirit or dog god

In the edo period, a small town where the townspeople are terrified of a certain animal yōkai. 

An Inugami.

Note: This isn't based off on an anime or a manga series. This is simply inspired by the folklore and mythology of Japan.

Mom: *takes blankets* WAKE UP
                              Me: *snuggles into pillows*
                              Mom: *takes pillows away* GET UP NOW!
                              Me: *pterodactyl screech* Fiiinnneeeee
This was as obvious as the female titan'so identity in AoT😐
                              If you know what I mean😉
JayceChen JayceChen Jun 26
Wait if my last name is Chen....? Then he would say Chen~Chan?
                              ALRIGHT WE GOT IT!! \(>=<)/
Gravityfly04 Gravityfly04 Oct 12, 2016
I was like "His name shall be Pluto!" Anyone get that name reference? No? Oh.....ok.
I immediately thought of Pluto from Black Butler 😍😍😍😍😍😍