Yoru | Inugami x reader

Yoru | Inugami x reader

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犬神- evil dog spirit or dog god

In the edo period, a small town where the townspeople are terrified of a certain animal yōkai. 

An Inugami.

Note: This isn't based off on an anime or a manga series. This is simply inspired by the folklore and mythology of Japan.

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DedeKichii DedeKichii Sep 08
tHats nice and all but arent they surrounded by like um
JayceChen JayceChen Jun 26
Wait if my last name is Chen....? Then he would say Chen~Chan?
                              ALRIGHT WE GOT IT!! \(>=<)/
Gravityfly04 Gravityfly04 Oct 12, 2016
I was like "His name shall be Pluto!" Anyone get that name reference? No? Oh.....ok.
I immediately thought of Pluto from Black Butler 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Life is Strange vibes are coming off of this specific sentence