Yoru | Inugami x reader

Yoru | Inugami x reader

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犬神- evil dog spirit or dog god

In the edo period, a small town where the townspeople are terrified of a certain animal yōkai. 

An Inugami.

Note: This isn't based off on an anime or a manga series. This is simply inspired by the folklore and mythology of Japan.

Inuyasha came to mind but his appearance is more like Pluto from Black Butler
ShiroNuko ShiroNuko Jun 14
I regret not reading this earlier! Darn exams! *slaps myself*
I was like "His name shall be Pluto!" Anyone get that name reference? No? Oh.....ok.
aph-mom aph-mom Jun 27
                              *totally wasnt expecting something like Kogeinu or Tomoe*
Damn 'Night' kinds of fit him since he showed up at night 😂
Ex-squeese me?! If you thought that, why didn't you help me?!