Raising Isaiah

Raising Isaiah

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Chanda Bynum By Buhlack_Queen Updated Jul 26

SYMONE REDD comes from a long line of independent and successful black women. Living up to the impressive titles of lawyers and physicians isn't easy but Symone is determined to not be a disappointment to her family. With dreams of becoming a student at the well known HBCU that is Spelman College, Symone doesn't allow herself any distractions, until she crosses paths with Zeke Morgan.

Faced with an unexpected pregnancy, Symone wants more than anything to put the whole ordeal behind her, but when given the chance to "correct" the situation, Symone's conscious butts in and she makes a decision that may send her dreams of success up in smoke.

But one thing is for sure, there is no how to book on Raising Isaiah.

I think that the father has a right to help make the decision since he did help make the baby. The baby is part of him too and their decision is just as important as the morher. I understand it's the mother's body but the baby is not just hers at the same time.
Sadly, until y'all have been in her shoes.. You won't understand her reasons for the choice she's asking for 😒
I mean y'all not pregnant y'all don't live her life or have her family as y'all family so until y'all was in a situation like hers don't say noting and don't judge
HeheILoveThatShid HeheILoveThatShid May 30, 2016
My mama always tell "If you were smart enough to lay down make a baby then you gotta take care of it"
GreenPencil GreenPencil Feb 18
Lol. It's like the world just shifted && you can feel it. It's a surreal feeling.
kfolks95 kfolks95 Jul 15, 2016
People kill me with abortions.. u can lay down and have the sex WITHOUT PROTECTION. but don't won't the consequences.. like just keep your legs close.