Little Redhead (#OnceUponNow)

Little Redhead (#OnceUponNow)

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A wolf doesn't always appear with pointed ears, ragged fur, or snarling fangs. Sometimes the wolf appears as a teenage boy. 

That's how it was for my wolf; a boy with dark, glinting eyes and a thirst for excitement. And I was the little girl in red, clueless and hopelessly in love with the wolf, until I realized - too late - that his sharp-toothed danger could swallow me whole.

[This is my entry for @target's contest #OnceUponNow. It is based upon the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. If you wish to support this story, please remember to vote on the first chapter (prologue) during the contest's voting phase - which begins June 14, 2016 and ends June 21, 2016.]

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Fairytale_Fabler Fairytale_Fabler Jun 06, 2016
Red hair really does stand out as something special. And you vividly capture the color as well as the significance. It'll be interesting to see how you work in "Little Red Riding Hood." There is indeed more out there to fear than just sunsets...
SGVega SGVega Jun 21, 2016
♡♡♡I love how he compared the sunset and her hair!♡♡♡
rmcneary rmcneary Jun 14, 2016
Such a sad start to the story, but well written. 
                              Thanks a lot! :)
Melted cherrys.....Liquid cherrys.....bad memories.....the cherry fic.....
Ilvermornist Ilvermornist May 30, 2016
Hey for the contest, do you know if we can use the same names form the fairy tale we're alluding to?
JesseSprague JesseSprague Jun 21, 2016
Melted cherries... Wow... That us an image that sticks in my head!