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"When somebody is simply attracted, attached to another person, they're nowhere. Then suddenly they're everywhere. It's inevitable, Carter. I don't choose to push you away. I just need you to pull me closer."

I look into the glowing orbs that are his eyes. I should have just listened to him. Perhaps never spoken to him again.

"I don't care. No relationship has to be established. All I know is that I don't want love. I just want you. That's all I will ever need."
"There's no time for love, Carter."

"Then just choose." he places his warm hands on my waist and gently pushes my shorts down. "Shower, or bed?"



Lust and love are dangerous. Lust and attraction is often a simulacrum of love.
And Intimacy can be a willingness to expose yourself to vulnerability. 

Police officer Carter Mason - a heartless, enigmatic, bipolar brute with severe anger issues and beautiful, shy, graduated student Sage Cartwright are definitely not a match made in heaven. For him lust is all that matters, love is an unwanted side effect. Love is all she really wants.

When the two cross paths by living opposite each other, their oddly intimate attraction may get the better of them... or her.

Can Sage convince Carter to fall in love again?
Can Carter destroy his past demons? Can he get over the past, or will he lose the only one he loves forever?

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elnorap elnorap 2 days ago
Yes you are this book drew me in usually I have to read a few chapters of a book.
DeepPuddles DeepPuddles May 26, 2016
Phones are like horror movies, you never know whats gonna happen
atasteofchocolate atasteofchocolate May 25, 2016
Well not currently! XDXD (get it? She's in the apartment block and he's out...) no? Okay
atasteofchocolate atasteofchocolate May 25, 2016
Mike... You are highly formal in the way you speak. I like it
bastille_sheeran bastille_sheeran May 25, 2016
First chapter seems cool, I bet that guy is the one in the room opposite loll
bastille_sheeran bastille_sheeran May 25, 2016
Aww thank you xx
                              If it's okay tho I might miss out on this one because I have a feeling its not gonna be appropriate for 14 year olds 😂