little miss behzinga // sdmn

little miss behzinga // sdmn

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life's hard for a teenage girl as it is, nevermind being a famous youtuber's sister. 

that was life for beth payne. 

the original behzinga's sister story. 

could trigger with the subjects of: family, loss, anxiety, underage drinking and abuse.

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I actually live by Coventry 😂 the place where Insominia 58 was is near my house but I couldn’t go 😔
WinterStormzz WinterStormzz Oct 17, 2017
I read this book before on my old account and now I'm re-reading it on this account I love it❤
lesly49ers lesly49ers Aug 20, 2017
I'm kinda like "No" because of Maggie because she cheated on my favorite Youtuber but at the same time I'm like "Yes" because of the Sidemen
JJ would probably attempt to f*ck you so thank god for Ethan
WutRhua WutRhua Feb 20, 2017
Lol true, all the schools near the area where Ethan grew up (I live there) are utter shite, full of druggies, and wannabe roadmen
sluttyfreezy sluttyfreezy Nov 02, 2016
I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready ooooo weeee-e-e-e-e-e-eee 
                              Tobi's opening song anyone