Electricity (On hold indefinitely)

Electricity (On hold indefinitely)

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Madeline Campbell By MadstheSamurai Updated Sep 06, 2018

Synapse is a cyborg and a soldier, raised by and inextricably bound to the government of the Last Empire. Leigh is a part of the revolution that seeks to upset the balance between governed and governor. But somehow, they both end up locked in the same cell--and then a new kind of revolution begins.

Set in the not-so-distant future, Electricity is a story of romance and rebellion, of choosing between following orders and doing what you know is right. A new empire has risen in the west and with it a rebellion forms that seeks to end the Last Empire's limitless spread. Leigh has worked for the revolution since she was twelve, as a soldier and then as assistant to its head tactician, but now she has been captured.

And the government has more than military force to contend with--a large company of soldiers just like Synapse stand ready to defend the government that has groomed them from birth in the arts of combat and espionage. Synapse has been loyal to the empire her whole life, so how did she end up in their prison? 

The two of them have the potential to form a dangerous pair. But will their proximity bring them together and empower them to take down the empire once and for all, or will it drive them apart?


I'm not sure how long this will be; probably leaning more toward novella/novelette length than novel.