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 A Sexy Love Story (Travis x Reader)

A Sexy Love Story (Travis x Reader)

13.8K Reads 335 Votes 6 Part Story
Kris Harris By im_da_beanie_bomb Updated Aug 18, 2016

Y/N moves to LA for 7 years because of her job as a model. Her bestfriend Aphmau begs Y/N to come back home. And she does! But due to this.. She loses her job. But on the bright side she meets a boy named Travis. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! I THINK SHE IS FALLING IN LOVE!!! //This story is mainly for my friend Alexis.  LOVE YOU!! //

Yoosung_Kim_Yandere Yoosung_Kim_Yandere Nov 16, 2016
I love how this is so casual...
                              Cool, yeah my ex beats me up
                              AWESOME! NOT!
Fluffycow10 Fluffycow10 Oct 05, 2016
When you don't even have a boyfriend or an ex........WOW my life is sad...
angelanna045 angelanna045 Dec 02, 2016
                              it goes like this Garroth (Cute) Zane (Cuter) Vylad (Cutest)
LullayWolf LullayWolf Dec 31, 2016
Ive had 2 exs The first one broke up with me the 2nd i friendzoned (he was going to anyway)sooo i choose my first ELI
Squidge_06 Squidge_06 Dec 07, 2016
Emo-Obvs Zane.Pretty Boy-Also Obvs Garroth.Kiddo-Not so Obvs but Vlyad!
Neon_Wolf_Gaming Neon_Wolf_Gaming Dec 13, 2016
But I bet you will write some....... DANK MEMES in your  HOT TUB TUB TIMEMACHIEN!