Forgotten Memories ✔

Forgotten Memories ✔

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Georgie By georgie-oso Completed

Picture this. You wake up one day and you remember nothing about your past. You don't remember what you ate for breakfast yesterday. You don't remember what aunt Pam gave you for Christmas last year. Have no clue who you are, were you are, and how the heck you got there. But all you know is that you're alone, in a mansion, with two other people who look just like you. 

For Jaylah, Jaymes, and Jayden they didn't have to picture it. They're actually living it. These triplets don't know what caused their memory loss, but they do know that whoever they are, that they're different from others. Jayden can see the future; Jaylah can heal people, but what about Jaymes? The journey has just begun. The triplets come to learn about their past and the past before them. Just because they forgot everything doesn't mean that they want to remember it. 

You know a wise man once told me 'Forget about the past, look past the present, cause it's all about the future.' If only they knew.

  • adventure
  • breakup
  • fantasy
  • forget
  • love
  • mate
  • memory
  • mystery
  • parent
  • power
  • suspense
  • teen
  • triplets
  • visions
georgie-oso georgie-oso May 27, 2014
Thank you! That means a lot an I've never heard of it ill check it out
-Janine- -Janine- May 26, 2014
This reminds me so much of "Forgotten" by Cat Patrick. 
                              Awesome book btw.
cithlaly001 cithlaly001 Sep 29, 2013
Your title is way too long! I SEE THE SUN I SEE THE SUN I SEE MY SOUL BURING INTO DUST. DUST OF MANY COLORS. Your title is fab! Ewww your title is crappy! Your title is fab!
georgie-oso georgie-oso Aug 19, 2010
@purpleprogirl this story is actually completed... theres like 19 parts
wishingc wishingc Jul 10, 2010
sounds good i can't wait to keep reading and i got the three difrent P.O.V's just saying.
georgie-oso georgie-oso Jun 27, 2010
@DemonGirl234 wel maybe you should read the whole story then you'll understand.... looks like my fans didn't mind thats why they are reading and supporting me and my story.. sorry if you didnt like how i set up my story maybe you should try something else....