Red {Remus Lupin}

Red {Remus Lupin}

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🌸 By dracosdame Updated Jun 30, 2017

A red cloak and a basket to carry her books were the last things that Red Hood's grandmother left her before she passed. 

But what was left for her to learn was a whole new world outside that small cottage in the forest.


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Magnetgirl11511 Magnetgirl11511 Apr 12, 2017
lol yep, sentient cloak.
                              I wonder if it'll be best friends with the invisibility cloak?
Magnetgirl11511 Magnetgirl11511 Apr 12, 2017
I mean your cloak seems like it could be sentient (or at least is alive enough to be a defense mechanism) so why would a singing hat be surprising really?
LunasDirewolf LunasDirewolf Mar 23, 2017
Just came back from the book Belle, and damnn if it's Fenrir again
FireCantKillADragon2 FireCantKillADragon2 Jan 03, 2017
Imagine if she married sirius her name would be Red Black 😁
- - Feb 10, 2017
Rumplstilskin? Damn I didn't know Peterpan was my grandfather
TeamKLANCE TeamKLANCE Oct 06, 2016
The First thing i saw was the fantastic cover! I really like the story