Tigress ➳ An Avengers Fanfic (Book 1 of the Scepter Chronicles)

Tigress ➳ An Avengers Fanfic (Book 1 of the Scepter Chronicles)

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tigress [tahy-gris] n.- a female tiger; a woman resembling a tiger, as in fierceness or courage

Calypso was orphaned at 8 years old and was placed in an orphanage with a cruel Headmistress and only one friend, Leah. When Leah is adopted, Caly feels truly alone. That is, until one day when three strangers rescue her from the Headmistress and bring her to a secret place, calling themselves the Avengers. They tell Caly she is special and try to help her figure out her abilities, which were tucked away so long ago. Can Caly help the Avengers, or will she tear them apart?

Book 1 of the Scepter Chronicles

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Yeah... because nobody will ever know that this Calypso came straight out of the HoO series...
Mary-Sue potential just shot up a mile... I'm gonna start praying now
honiglila honiglila Jun 01
Sans? Why are you in Nick Furys Body? Did you die? (Was that right? I am originally from Germany but I Love  english stories)
- - Jan 02
You go girl!! I'm loving it!! Not that anyone cares about my opinion but still!!
Violet eyes are cool (and Mary-Sue-ish), I guess, but SHOUTOUT TO BROWN EYED PPL (like me!!)
Um... hopefully she isn't a Mary-Sue... I would hate that, but this storyline is too good to ignore