The Experiment // Larry hybrid

The Experiment // Larry hybrid

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Little Lou By Nechrophile Completed

*CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN, MAY NOT MAKE SENSE* In 2008 many teenagers in England disappeared, kidnapped. No one knew who was behind it, and everyday the clues they already had became colder and colder and more useless. 

But one day they found something, something that gave it all away.  A man, a scientist, had kidnapped them all and brought them to his own secret lab; a big building in the middle of no where. He had experimented on the teenagers, mixing other species' DNA with their own, giving them abilites that no man should ever be able to have. He had tortured the teenagers, doing tests, horrible and painful tests. It continues all the way to 2012, some few months before the X Factor, and then the police came to rescue all the teenagers. They were quite shaken up, and with the mix in their DNA, no longer fully human. Some could change into half human, half tiger, and someone other species.

  The scientist's favourite had been Harry Styles. Yes, the singer from One Direction later on. He had been the most adored one of the test subjects, and had more than one species' DNA mixed with his. And after all, he had been the first to get kidnapped.

  Now, in 2012, he's one of the five in the famous boyband One Direction. He can control his abilites, and hides it for the rest of the world, because the information of who the teenagers were never got out. He even hides it for his bandmates, thinking they would judge and hate him if they found out. Especially Louis Tomlinson, his bandmate and best friend of them all, also the one he's in love with.  The boys were given a vacation for unknown time, they were sent to the middle of no where, and only Harry knew the reason; the scientist had escaped from prison.

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NiallDontShimmyPls NiallDontShimmyPls Oct 04, 2015
I love Larry hybrid storys! And this is also with 1D! So I think I'm reallt gonna like this story =P