Everlasting Pain ➝ Stilinski | BXB

Everlasting Pain ➝ Stilinski | BXB

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❝It's easier to say you're mad, than to admit you're hurt.❞

Stiles Stilinski's life is a broken record of everlasting pain. With his mother cheating on his father, and then having his father die in a work mishap, Stiles is forced to live with his mother - who is now in a relationship with rich business man: Robert Hale. Of course, comes Robert Hale, comes his two children: Derek and Cora Hale.

↳ Includes explicit language, underaged drug and alcohol uses, graphic descriptions of self harm and eating disorders. Stiles is involved in a sexual relationship with Theo Raeken, so if your not into boyxboy, I wouldn't advise that you read this story.

I love this chapter, very descriptive. I have a feeling I love the rest of the story.😃