Black Butterfly (Sebastian x Reader)

Black Butterfly (Sebastian x Reader)

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Lucy By toffy59 Updated Sep 18

(Y/N) is the daughter of a demon and an angel. She couldn't live in Heaven nor Hell, so she lived among the humans in London, where she steals to sustain herself. One fateful day she, comes across Ciel and his charming butler, Sebastian. (Y/N)'s life will turn upside down.

Please don't steal this idea and there will be foul language. 

I don't own the characters or anime.

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I haven't watched many BB episodes, (Ahem... Only one XD) but I think it probably will with Bard and the thingy (I forgot the name) PLZ TELL ME I GOT MAH FACTS RIGHT XD IDK WHY BUT THE FANFICS MADE ME KINDA JOIN LE FANDOM
I find it funny how no one commented on this Undertale reference.
                              Yaaaas Sebbyyyyyy
                              Get trapped in the web {Claude Faustus} Ciel madeeee~
Me: stops breathing
                              Voice in my head: are you o-
                              Me: bursts out laughing
Highly doubt it. I'm no lesbo… to be infact, I only love Nagisa Hazuki and Ciel Phantomhive… but I have other side baes :3 :P