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Faded To Sade (Chris Brown FF)

Faded To Sade (Chris Brown FF)

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lo único ❤️ By moreofchristopher Updated Oct 17, 2016

Sade Moreno is having a hard time hiding what she really is. She could be killed by the government if see was exposed. It was way easier having hiding it when she was apart of her coven, but now that she isn't life and her challenges are even more difficult. The reason why she was kicked out is because she fell in love with the werewolves they were known to cause deaths and troubles with the witches; that's why Sade's coven made her an outcast. Moving to Salem with her werewolf boyfriend only made matters worst, and angered her ancestors, but they soon came to understanding that the coven were slowly dying and Sade was the only person who could reunite and find her witch family.

Adrian Brown was Sade's lover and the werewolf that made her become an outcast. Adrian's pack could care less about Sade as long as she didn't put Adrian and his in any type of danger. When Sade got kicked out of Virginia that caused it to be hard to see Sade and vice versa. Adrian being the Alpha of the his pack moves it to a historical town of Salem. Mainly because of Sade, but in Virginia they were running low on food supplies. Adrian could also be killed by the government if someone would snitch or see him or anyone in his pack causing it to be 10 times harder.
"Im fading and all I want to know is that I'm going to be okay"

(okay you'll understand why the titles important later on in the book ♥)

Started: 5/19/16

Ended: -/-/-

luxuriousxbreezy luxuriousxbreezy Jul 10, 2016
I'm liking this so far, keep up the good work! 👏🏽🙌🏼