Breaking Apart ; Harry Potter [2]

Breaking Apart ; Harry Potter [2]

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the golden trio By Dan_Is_Not_On_Fire_7 Updated 4 days ago

In which Harry and Robyn are Breaking Apart for completely different reasons...

{Goblet Of Fire}
{Harry Potter Love Story}

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MehMahMuh MehMahMuh May 23
asdfghjkl cho chang is in the story and it will be so realistic ASDFFGHJHGJFHDGS
-deansbaby -deansbaby Sep 21
                              WHY IS IT THE BITCHY GIRLS WHO GET ROBERT?
J..K Rowiling, aka the Writng Goddess, has sent you upon us. Thank Merlin.
No! Cho Chang! You cannot be the reason my ship goes through rough waters. Ok new plan kill Cho in third year, blame it on Voldy, and then Harry won't have a crush on her. Too far?
(Reads the title of this book and then the description) NONONONO THEY ARE SO NO BREAKING APART 😭😭😭
Well I want to put out who eyes(yes the 2 of them)  then cut her hair in that point she don't have, push her in the ocean and drawn then take her body and feed her to Nagini and the spares I would burn them!!!! 😈