Breaking Apart ; Harry Potter [2]

Breaking Apart ; Harry Potter [2]

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In which Harry and Robyn are Breaking Apart for completely different reasons...

{Goblet Of Fire}
{Harry Potter Love Story}

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*running around trying to keep my ship together with duck tape*
WHO DARES BREAK APART MY SHIP!!!! *grabs axe and glares at Cho*
I am guessing there IS a reason for pitting jenna coleman on the cover for this AND the prequel
Cho is such a hoe! (See what I did there) she is making the ship sink like the Titanic!
Dudes, siriusly, I shipped Cho and Harry in the books. It's only the movies that I disliked the pairing.
Yas Jenna fricking Coleman (who's like 30 and is somehow playing a 13/14 year old like wut?) is my QUEEN!!!