Breaking Apart ; Harry Potter [2]

Breaking Apart ; Harry Potter [2]

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the golden trio By Dan_Is_Not_On_Fire_7 Completed

In which Harry and Robyn are Breaking Apart for completely different reasons...

{Goblet Of Fire}
{Harry Potter Love Story}

Amazing book cover made by viiv-xvii!

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y’all she’s obviously nervous lmaoo how hard is that to understand
LordVsDaughter LordVsDaughter Dec 30, 2017
Why is no one discussing the fact that they don’t know Rons name? 😂😂
bluepuIse bluepuIse Mar 30, 2017
*running around trying to keep my ship together with duck tape*
bluepuIse bluepuIse Mar 30, 2017
I read courtesy as Courtney and that's my name and I was so confused for a minute
purrtykittygirl purrtykittygirl Sep 27, 2017
Yeah me to I had to re-read that over because it did not make any sense
isaacscharm isaacscharm Sep 15, 2017
The highlight of this scene was Ron covering his chest as if he was a girl who had slept naked