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The Cask of Amontillado (1846)

The Cask of Amontillado (1846)

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Edgar Allan Poe By EdgarAllanPoe Completed

THE thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could; but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge. You, who so well know the nature of my soul, will not suppose, however, that I gave utterance to a threat. At length I would be avenged; this was a point definitively settled-but the very definitiveness with which it was resolved, precluded the idea of risk. I must not only punish, but punish with impunity. A wrong is unredressed when retribution overtakes its redresser. It is equally unredressed when the avenger fails to make himself felt as such to him who has done the wrong.

It must be understood, that neither by word nor deed had I given Fortunato cause to doubt my good will. I continued, as was my wont, to smile in his face, and he did not perceive that my smilenow was at the thought of his immolation.

He had a weak point-this Fortunato-although in other regards he was a man to be respected and even feared. He prided himself on his connoisseurship in wine. Few Itali...

Psychological horror indeed but perhaps the cover need some mending, whoever is in charge. If you are a rich man, heed my warning! Never get lost in the happiness of your folly for it is pride and might bring you to a cask instead
Jul1annal1z Jul1annal1z Mar 18
I had to read this book for English!! And then we watched the movie.
Kaigoo Kaigoo Jul 17, 2016
Ah, I remember reading this gem in 6th grade. A small group of college level readers. We all enjoyed the story and deciphering bits and pieces.
DJRemix13 DJRemix13 Apr 09, 2016
I remember reading this in English class freshman year and loving it!!
blushingbears blushingbears Apr 14, 2016
This is my third time reading this one, I absolutely loved it.
- - Sep 28, 2016
Gosh, I love this story! I read it in 8th grade and then again for an English survey class. It's my favorite of his.