emojizoned || yuta

emojizoned || yuta

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"why are you always using emojis?"

book one.

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Are you Gumball's dad ? Because Gumball's dad is the laziest people
fartkls fartkls Mar 29
Sana sana, sana money, don't have to worry (lol I don't know the hangeul)
_reolli_ _reolli_ Apr 25
Lol this is me when someone messages me and I don't know what to say
eymsofab eymsofab Mar 31
bruh can u please reply atleast simple word such "ok" or just say "hello there" r u dat lazy to type?
_reolli_ _reolli_ Apr 25
I feel so stupid I'm almost at the middle of book 2 and don't get how and why is Jaehyun Running after Sana and he's deeply enlab wit her -_-
when you read book 2 before book 1 bc u didn't know this exists and you were just so confused w book 2 bc u understood nothing....