Past [Supernatural x Reader x Avengers]

Past [Supernatural x Reader x Avengers]

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fandomwriting24 By fandomwriting24 Updated Feb 19, 2017

Y/N was a well known hunter in the supernatural world, she was strong, fierce, an amazing fighter and research. She was also very beautiful. She was also known for living with the Winchesters most of her life, after her parents was killed by a demon when she was 14. John took her in as his own and raised her along with Sam and Dean. After Sam left for Stanford, the two Winchester and Y/N continued hunting. A few months after Y/N turned 18, she left and quit hunting. 

She moved to New York. Many things happened, and now Y/N was an Avenger. Fighting along her new family and friends. She was happy, although she was still fighting, most of time she didn't have to worry much about supernatural creatures, because they were a lot harder.

One day, Y/N got an unexpected call from Sam, telling her that a hellhound killed and took Dean's soul. What would Y/N do now?

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LuLuBoles1 LuLuBoles1 Apr 18, 2017
Literally me...
                              My brother "borrowed" my money to go out with friends...😑
kpkkrl kpkkrl Jun 10, 2016
Why the hell does this not have more people reading it?!?!? The writing isn't crappy and the plot it good! Deserves more reads in my opinion.......