Bízarre Love

Bízarre Love

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Mahita Varma By mahitavarma Updated Sep 20

~Ranked 8- Fantasy(22 May'17)~

"You taste so good mushi. But I wont force you till shoràn, which means marriage that includes crowning you as the Queen of this planet and our mating for pleasure and the heirs to rule in the future." Moving his hands lightly on the sides of her body, he explained with a huge smile of victory.

"Marriage? No no. I cant marry you."

"Well then, be my mistress." He said gritting his teeth.


"Either be my queen and Goddess to this planet, or be my mistress. I would love if you choose the later as I will be able to crumble your innocence right now." He smirked coming too close for her liking.


"Don't complete that sentence mushi, I am afraid I will have to take a drastic step which you wont like." Threatened the cruel man before her.

"Choose wisely, later I wont be responsible for your choice and my desires." Pecking on her lips he left warning her.


Like every girl, Cara Warren also fantasized for a fairy tale romance. But little did she know, her fate being linked with a powerful alien king. Who's sole purpose to invade Earth, was to find the girl of his dreams.

The most dreaded immortal of his planet, is behind a powerless non magical creature of Earth. Wishing to cage her with him for eternity, but will she be able to bare all these after all her loved ones are at stake.

•He is powerful 
  She is weak

•He is cruel
  She is naive

•He is ruthless 
  She is innocent

•He is God 
  She is human

How will she tackle him?
Will she be able to pull the whole human race's welfare on her little shoulders? 
Or will she be the cause of Earth's destruction?

These questions will meet their answers by a finger on the read button.
So it's for you to find out :)

  • aliens
  • blood
  • dreams
  • fantasy
  • humans
  • life
  • love
  • obsession
  • romance
  • war
coalspier9 coalspier9 Mar 18
Pfft.....mushi. I just can't stand it. That word is too cute! XD
I always read AMY as ARMY wtf is with with me? BTS its all your fault.
coalspier9 coalspier9 Mar 18
Finally, a female character that isn't so easily swayed to go to a pub or night club. I like this girl!
*Wakes up from an awesome dream* noooo! * tries to redream it*
fidaaadam fidaaadam Mar 04
Wow too intense......is it possible for such a person to change?