Warriors: Reviews

Warriors: Reviews

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Welcome to Warriors: Reviews! This book is brought from the Century Team to you as a gift for 600 followers! We could not have done it without you. 

This book is for reviewing (not rating) OCs, prophecies, and books!

With OCs, we'll review by personality and looks, and if it flows with the name, age, and other important things. 

With books, we will read three-five chapters. While we won't have a complete idea of what's going on, it might take too long to review the WHOLE book, thus getting us backtracked. 

With prophecies, we will offer advice to how easy it is to figure out, or even how hard it is to figure out! 

Since OC reviews are a bit like ratings, we'd like to credit @Warriors-Madness, the person who created ratings!

We'd also like to credit @Slugterrancat for PMing us your prophecy review idea!

Get what we're saying here? Yea? You're awesome! Flip to the forms page, and you're off!

Title | Forced
                              Prolouge, Allegiances (aka 'WispClan') and chapter 4.
                              Summary | uh, idk what to write, but it revolves around the life and rebellion of 4 cats, showing their struggles and life story.
                              Thanks :3
you should make a book cover or summary review form. just a suggestion because i'd like you to review mines :)
fawnqueeen fawnqueeen Nov 29
wait what if the first five chapters are literal crap, and stuff actually happens in like, the tenth chapter?
Title: Silvermoons story
                              Chapter: 1,2,3
                              Summary: Silvermoons clan hated her, but then she must save them
Can you review this prophecy I made up?
                              ' The sun will awaken, the blind fox will prowl, the turtle shall see, and the jagged clif will crumble, and lighting shall deal them together."
Springkit's Path
                              3 and 10
                              I don't really have a summary, I'm still wondering where I'm going with it, is that ok?