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Secrets of a Superstar

Secrets of a Superstar

4.3K Reads 77 Votes 2 Part Story
Dina By Mysterious-x-Girl Updated Dec 10, 2010

Abused as a child, Tatiana made a life for herself. 
After escaping her life she left Tatiana behind her, changed her name to Sapphire, entered into a singing competition and began her new life.
Now she's adored by the world and adored. Girls want to be her. Guys want to marry her. Werewolves pray she's her mate and vampires are dying for a taste of her blood.
Life as the worlds princess, Sapphire finally feels free to be herself and starts letting her guard down. 
But what happens when a certain individual knows her secret and threatens the life she's made?

  • abuse
  • brother
  • celebrity
  • fame
  • fortune
  • love
  • quinn
  • sapphire
  • singing
  • step
  • vampire
  • werewolf