I Will Be Careful With Your Heart [MariChat]

I Will Be Careful With Your Heart [MariChat]

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Need I remind you? I suck at descriptions.

This is the sequel to ✨Be Careful With My Heart✨ [Adrienette]

So I suggest you read it first before reading this! Ta!

❄Hyper Out!✌❄

When da next one? And, WHY DID ADRIENETTE HAVE TO LEAVE US!?!?! T-T
_Dameloup_ _Dameloup_ Jun 29
                              But don't mind me, I'm just going to cry in a hole, this so 😭😻
Oh my Jesus my smol is so ignorant.  
                              *yells out* HEY ALLYYYAA!!  You have to teach your son about the birds and the bees!!!
emma-kat emma-kat Jul 30
Omg I read the first flipping chapter and I already got the feels!!!!!!!!!
Oh Adrien, so innocent, you adorable lil' cinnamon roll. 😋😳
                              Ummm, here's how I would describe it. 
                              You know when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, they decide they want...
                              You know what? Screw it. 
                              Hawk Daddy Slytherin to her Chamber of Secrets.
When a mommy and daddy bangs eachother up thats how babies were made😊😊