My Abusive Brother (A Harry Styles Fiction)

My Abusive Brother (A Harry Styles Fiction)

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Tierney's POV

I woke up to someone thumping me on the back. I turned over and saw the tall figure of my brother Harry standing there.

"What do you want?" I mumbled.

"I need you to drive me somewhere. Now." 

"I can't drive Harry. I'm too young." I told him.

"Pleeeease!" He begged.

"Ask Edward. He can drive."

"I already asked him. He said no."

"Ask Mum and Dad" 

"I'm going to get drunk. You really think Mum or Dad will drive me there?"

"Well, then drive yourself there, walk home then pick your car up when your sober." I said, shoving my head back into my pillow. He sighed then walked out of my room, leaving he door open behind him. I got up, cursing under my breath, then shut the door. I got my phone of my bedside table and turned it on, looking at the time. 2:46am. 

"That twat. waking me up at this time." I said to myself. 

I crawled back into my bed and shoved my pillow over my face. I knew I wasn't going to get back to sleep, but I might as well try. I hate it when Harry d...

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DaintyYoutubeWhore DaintyYoutubeWhore Jul 27, 2017
Marcel, Edward, and Harry...... Whale than 
                              Im ready a book called the "The Styles Triplets"
PreyankshaStyles PreyankshaStyles Jul 07, 2017
Zach Dempsey, well I guess he finished the tapes at last so maybe he is throwing a party now. But pls don't Bryce or Courtney. They should choke
nocontrol_lou nocontrol_lou Jun 22, 2017
I legit imagine Edward as long hair harry harry as 2013 harry and marcel as bse harry what is wrong-
noeross noeross Apr 23, 2017
Edward se violo a Marcel en los Trillizos Styles, shoutout a Noelle Stephania(?)
liyah-boo liyah-boo Aug 04, 2016
The styles triplets everyone should know them Harry Edward and Marcel xD
jequasia_bailey jequasia_bailey Feb 28, 2016
Wow triplets.........🙊🙈WAIT THREE HARRYS CAN I HAVE ONE