Our Stars Aligned #WZ2016

Our Stars Aligned #WZ2016

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"You jerk!"  I was about to hit him but his strong arms caught me in mid-air. Now he was holding both of my arms and I did my best to push him away but that didn't really affect him. He pulled me closer, So closer that I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks. I did not want to be  intimidated by the proximity but the dangerous closeness of our lips made it impossible for me to concentrate. He had his eyes glued on me, those sea colored orbs were burning with cold fury. He pinned my arms behind my back and pulled me closer. I glared at him with pure hatred. My hands were starting to hurt but I knew he seldom cared about that. Tears were rolling down my cheeks but they weren't the tears of sadness. They were tears of hate. I hated him a lot. I doubt anyone could hate someone as much as I hated him.   

Derrick Hunt huh?  More like 'Derrick The Devil' 

"The choice is yours.. Stay or Leave but either way you can never get rid of me!"  He said with an evil smirk. 

"I loath you!"  I exclaimed. 

"Do I look like I care??"  He asked as an arrogant smirk played along his lips.  


When the notorious business machine Derrick Hunt crossed path with our fiesty June, It was only the beginning of an epic  romance.They didn't exactly have a pretty first impression. 

He was dark, She was innocent  
He reviled in power, She believed in love 
He was empty, She was broken 

They were poles apart in real but that's when destiny played cupid.When June met Mr. Arrogant for the first time she was stunned, Why? Well, Derrick was only a name to her. For all she knew he was Andrew cause of their uncanny resemblance. Andrew was supposedly the love of June's life or so she thought but she hit rock bottom when she found out he died.  

So Why does Mr.Hunt look like him? Were they related? Can  Andrew and Derrick be the same person with different names? What was the mystery behind their resemblance? 

Read & Find out
(A Sequel to Something Good)

That's exactly what I do all the time when I don't want strangers to come up to me 😂😂
*remained. Reminded changes the meaning of the sentence. (Still not trying to be a Grammar Nazi :P)
Mary_ela12 Mary_ela12 Oct 16
I think this story is not boriiiing ...so,i  just continuously read it...
amu5251 amu5251 Sep 17
I have not started this book yet and also I didn't read prologue, I am just going to start becoz of ur cover, it's amazing
Anushka7886 Anushka7886 Sep 06
Oh i'm literary crying coz after reading the 1st part i'm really attached to this book nd the twist is really heartbreaking :(
OMG!!! Ur cover, cast, plot r just PERFECT. I can't wait to read this  story😇😍😎😻